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Orel State Institute of Culture


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A booklet about the institute

     Orel State Institute of Culture was founded in 1972. It is situated in the center of Russia, in the Region which is famous for its unique cultural traditions and environment. The world famous writers, researchers, and artists such as Ivan S. Turgenev, Timofey N. Granovsky, Afanassy A. Foeth, Nikolay S. Leskov, Ivan A. Bunin and others were born and lived in Orel.
     Today the Orel region continues to play a noticeable role in the cultural development of the country and significant contribution to this development has been made by the Institute of Culture.

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     The Institute has become one of the largest centers of national education in the sphere of art and culture. Success which has been achieved over the past years is recognized not only in our country but also far outside. The Institute offers a variety of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist’s Degree programs and Postgraduate courses.

Social Sciences:

Tourism (BA, MA);


Document and Archive science (BA, MA);

Art and Culture:

Library and information activity (BA, MA);
Museology and Protection of cultural and natural Heritage (BA, MA);
Folk Art Culture (BA, MA);
Music Instruments (BA, MA);
Choreography (BA);
Folk Singing (BA, MA);
Conducting (BA);
Musicology and Music Art (BA);
Socio-cultural Activity (BA, MA);
Stage Shows and Holidays Directing (BA);
Film and TV (Diploma).

 The Institute encourages the use of modern information technologies in the educational process, which contributes to educating skilled specialists and ensures our graduates' successful careers both nationwide and abroad.
 Over 150 staff members, who are distinguished with state awards and academic titles, are currently involved in the teaching process.
 Intensive scientific activity of the Institute gives an optimal relationship between the highly skilled lecturers and a younger generation of lecturers, many of whom have completed the post graduate programs. Different scientific and creative schools and laboratories are created for the development of the research activity. The scientific projects according to the programs of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund are carried out by lecturers, post graduate students and Master's degree holders who are taking part at the joint research projects between Russian and foreign educational institutions and associations.
 International cooperation is one of our Institute’s priorities, which is significant for development of educational space, science and culture. The Institute has links with France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. Academic staff and students take part in scientific and cultural events both in Russia and abroad. Our collectives and soloists are known in many countries. Every year the Institute enrolls international students.
 Leisure time activities and outdoor events give the students new chances for self-realization and support the students’ initiatives. The Institute has a number of student groups: Choreographic Ensemble “Raduga” (Rainbow), Vocal Ensembles “Karavay”, “Kanzona”, “Male Style”, “Obereg”, Academic Choir. The Students’ Theater “Veselaya Maska” (The Fun Mask), Theater “Zhivaya starina” are comprising students of all faculties and departments. Students take internships, participate in competitions, conferences, contests and festivals, both in Russia and abroad, receiving honorary titles and diplomas.

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     The archeological group «Fakel» (Torch) contributes to the Patriotic education of the young people developing socially important values, civic consciousness and patriotism.
     The equipment of the Institute has been considerably increased in the recent years. Education is performed in the institute’s buildings with a total area over 17,000 m2. The main academic building hosts classrooms, laboratories and specialized classrooms, computer labs, concert halls, gymnasium, canteen, library, Institute’s museum etc. The scientific library regularly replenishes its depository with contemporary sources, including electronic resources.
     The available multimedia equipment of laboratories and special classrooms meets modern requirements. The Institute has a specialized concert hall for 550 seats, conference hall, dance classes, make-up rooms, fitness center, exhibition halls, and computer centers.
     The Institute has a hostel for students and a medical center.

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Postal address:

ul. Leskova, 15 Orel 302020


+7(4862) 416191,
+7(4862) 416496 (fax),
e-mail: ogiik@orel.ru

Admission Office:

+7(4862) 429500,
+7(4862) 415213,
+7-953-6208029 (Hot Line, Russian)
e-mail: priem.ogiik@mail.ru

International Department:

e-mail: ogiiknorg@mail.ru

Home Page:


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     Social Web about the Institute: VKontakte twitter facebook livejournal Мой мир / My World instagram

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